Grocery rebate and tax scams

Someone was asking where is the grocery rebate that was announced in the Federal 2023 budget. It seems that it hasn’t show up in the GST credit estimate when we file tax returns now. Only low-income people would receive GST credits, so you might not even see it in your tax return result.

The government is still working on it and has not announced the payment dates yet. We will have to wait. However, the scammer already jumped on it and sent out text messages and emails about this new benefit.  Apparently, the scammers really followed the news very well. Please be aware that it is not ready yet and watch out for scams.

Recently, there are more scams about tax return. For example, scammers pretend to be CRA asking people to click a link on the text message to receive tax credits or refunds.  CRA doesn’t do that. They either deposit refund or tax credits to taxpayer’s bank accounts or mail a cheque if no banking information was provided.

Or they use scar and pressure tactic. They can send text message or email saying that you are late to file tax return, or you owe tax. You need to click a link or call a number to resolve it, or you will get severe penalty.

Please see here for more information on CRA and government related scams.

Please be extra vigilant to protect your privacy and personal information.

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